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JC Panter John Clinton Panter, Jr was a Junior High English teacher, basketball coach and gym teacher  who lived his life with true Catholic Christian compassion and dedication.

He was born on July 19, 1935 in Atlanta, Georgia. At age five when his mother died, his father, older sister and he relocated to Queens, New York.  His father supported the family by performing regularly on stage and radio.

On John's 16th birthday, he was stricken with polio. To ease his burden, John's family moved to Bedford, Virginia.

Because of John's deep spiritual faith and a special devotion to Saint Anthony of Padua, he gathered his courage, and with only $200.00 in his pocket, traveled to the University of Notre Dame and asked to be admitted.
For his deep faith, he was rewarded with admission.  He graduated in 1957 with a B.A. degree in English.

Mr. Panter returned to Virginia to teach at Holy Cross Academy. He married Brenda Kay Carwile in 1961.  Soon, the Panters moved to Fayetteville, North Carolina in response to an advertisement for a position with the American Red Cross.

Again the Holy Spirit interceded.  While attending Sunday Mass at Saint Patrick's Church on Arsenal Avenue, Mr. Panter saw a notice announcing an opening for an eighth-grade teacher at St Patrick's School starting in the fall of 1962.
He applied, was hired and thus began a fortuitous association that lasted for the next twenty-two years.  Throughout his career at St Patrick's School, Mr Panter taught seventh, eighth and ninth grade classes, boys and girls PE classes, and coached basketball. 

In reality, he did so much more.  His influence lives on in the accomplishments and character of his students.
St Patricks School

John Panter died on April 11, 1990, at the age of 54, too soon for those of us who knew him. Of the many students whose lives he enhanced, more than half are now older than he was at his passing.

Every day, we remember Mr. Panter not only for the inspirational methods he used to teach academic subjects like grammar, literature, creative writing, debate and public speaking, but also for his morally-based lectures on life, politics and culture. Many of us still use his character and spiritually-anchored lessons in our lives daily.

Mr. Panter's daughter, Sian, says: "I was doing a search for other stuff and ran across this site.  I had no idea.  Well, I knew that John Panter was a great teacher.  I know he is still teaching in his awesome and mysterious ways.  But I was so clueless of the impact that he had on so many people.  Thank you for doing this and I wish you great success."
Another quote by Mr. Panter's daughter from the Fayetteville Observer [fayobserver.com] : "'I hope to one day be as great a teacher as my dad,' says Sian Panter, a teacher at Mary McArthur Elementary School, and that may be John Panter's highest reward for being a dedicated educator ... and a better father."
In 2008, Fayetteville native Patricia Horoho became a two-star general and the Army's top nurse. She credits English teachers John C. Panter and Phyllis Sinclair as being the 2 people who most influenced her.   “Both of those were just tremendous role models and had an impact on how I lead and the importance of education and the importance of working hard,” she said. [from Professional Soldiers website]

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