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Panter Memorial Fund
PO Box 13763
Research Triangle Park
NC 27709


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About the Panter Memorial Fund
Our Mission

To continue the academic and spiritual legacy that was embodied by a special educator, John C Panter and other teachers like  him.  We honor teachers who inspire and challenge their students to reach higher, farther and better than they might imagine - not just while in school, but throughout their lives.  Teachers who not only enrich our minds, but also leave an imprint on our hearts.

To help the homeless with real opportunities.

To protect our future, as embodied by our youth, and to honor our past, as reflected in our elders.

To promote non-violent solutions for mental, emotional and physical stress.  To promote a culture where the weapons of choice are charity, respect and compassion, rather than firearms and other tools of violence.

How We Use the Money


Scholarships to assist deserving, disadvantaged students.

Scholarships to assist families with multiple students.
Scholarships to promote teachers-in-training.

Community education enrichment programs.
Literacy programs.
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Fund Director: GW Houston
Co-Director: Arthur Mayfield

Send General Correspondence to:
Panter Memorial Fund
PO Box 13763
Research Triangle Park
NC 27709

For Donations by Check:
Make checks payable to
"Panter Memorial Fund"
Include the following account# in the Memo:
Acct 053000219-5132955435

JC Panter

Send Checks to:

Wells Fargo
4924 Morganton Road
Fayetteville, NC 28314

The Panter Memorial Fund is also known as the John C. Panter Memorial Scholarship Fund.
The Panter Memorial Fund is a registered non-profit organization with the state of North Carolina. Federal 501(c)(3) non-profit status - Application Pending

John C Panter's Legacy:
The Art of Giving to Help the Living


Make a donation to support
educational opportunities for
deserving students and teachers.
Look at About Us to learn
more about how we use the
Panter Memorial Funds.
501(c)(3) Application Pending


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