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If We are Lucky
We have had a teacher who challenged and inspired us.

At the time we might not have fully appreciated the person or the lessons,
but as adults, we now understand and love the legacy of those special educators.

For more than 2 decades, John C. Panter inspired
countless students at St. Patrick's School in Fayetteville, NC.

He taught more than literature and poetry to junior high school students.
He enriched their minds and left an imprint on their hearts.
Shamrock Heart

You were lucky if you passed through one of John C. Panter's classes or played on one of his basketball teams. His students profited from his lessons throughout their lives.

If you were one of them, then honor his legacy by helping others have an
extraordinary educational opportunity. Make a donation in celebration of John C. Panter.

Didn't have Mr. Panter as a teacher?
Make a donation to honor another teacher who inspired you.

Are you a part of the St. Patrick's community, the spiritual community at-large or just love educators?
Make a donation to promote the legacy of a great teacher.
Make a donation to promote educational opportunities for deserving students.

John C Panter's Legacy:
The Art of Giving to Help the Living


Make a donation to support
educational opportunities for
deserving students and teachers.
Look at About Us to learn
more about how we use the
Panter Memorial Funds.
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